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American Roll Coating and Cleaning operates a 32,000 sq. ft. facility with close proximity to major interstate routes and rail access. The facility design permits ARCCO to level the product, clean and brush the surface, and then apply roll coat/oiling.

The clean and brush application has the capacity to handle 70-inch wide, 50,000 lb. coils with a maximum OD of 84 inches. The wash section consists of 3000 gallons of alkaline water with high-pressure spray and 2 sets of brushes and/or Scotch Brite™ rolls. The abrasiveness of the rolls can be adjusted from "no surface deterioration" to severe removal of a difficult defect.

After the material has been cleaned it enters into a rinse system where surface residue is removed, leaving a clean, flat strip. The strip enters a heated dryer system and is then ready for the application of a dry film lube or the oiling process.


CRS, HRPO, Electro-Galv., Hot Dipped Galvanized, Galv.-Alum., Aluminized Stainless and Aluminum

Strip Width Min 11”, Max 70”

Strip Thickness Min .012, Max .10

Entry & Exit Coils
Coil Weights Max 50,000#
Coil O.D. Min 32”, Max 80”
Coil I.D. 20-24 IN, 24 OUT

Line Speed 300-600 FP


Cleaning Process
Prewash High Pressure Alkaline Wash
Heated 3 Section Washline (7mm BTU's heat)
Scrubber Section
Brush Unit with Rinse

Inspection Process / Application
Laser Thickness Measurement
Visual Inspection at Exit End*
Vision System with SPC Capabilities
Roll Coating (Ameriform dry lube)
Film Lubricantsts

Shape Correction Leveling
Electrostatic Oiling
Rail Site Availability
Temperature Controlled Warehouse
Repair and Rewrap Coils

*Vision System with SPC Capabilities High Speed Surface Scan with Laser Thickness Measurement.